ODYSSEY team at Radboud receives the RIHS Societal Award 2020

As the world continues to raise its voice towards improving HIV treatment in children , the contributions made by the ODYSSEY trial have not gone unnoticed and as a result, has earned researchers the Radboud Institute for Health Sciences Societal Impact Award

“We are very proud to have received the Radboud Institute for Health Sciences Societal Impact Award 2020 for our work on a simplified dolutegravir dosing schedule for children of at least 20kg. This study, within the Odyssey trial, makes dolutegravir treatment possible for children living with HIV in Africa. We are honoured and proud that our institute acknowledges the societal impact of this very important work. We thank the wonderful team of the Odyssey trial who have accomplished this trial.” Dr Pauline Bollen, Dr Angela Colbers and Prof. Dr David Burger

Through continuous collaboration, we can work towards forging an HIV free future.

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